Ka-Million Reggae Vibes Inc

We play the latest reggae music from the islands at your parties and all occassions

Ka-Million Reggae Vibes (KMRV)

Ka-Million Reggae Vibes (KMRV) is located in Houston, Texas with a heavy base line of DJ’s that plays rocking Reggae rhythms along with Soca music from the Caribbean.

Ka-Million Reggae Vibes (KMRV) has a cast of music for people of every age to enjoy reggae in any setting. We play reggae and soca music for all occasions which includes house parties, office parties outdoor activities and weddings. If Reggae music is what the people cry we are available for your need. We are more than just the Mecca of Reggae music and the Caribbean culture.  We are the home of the hottest group of selectors assembled in Houston with the latest and oldest reggae music from the Caribbean.

 For more details please call 713-489-5394 or send an email to kamillionreggaevibes@gmail.com